Thursday, December 25, 2008

Year-end stats: 2008
(aka my sort-of Christmas letter)

  • Houses lived in: Just 1! (This is the first time in six years I've stayed put in the same house and the same room. Yay!)
  • Herb gardens planted: 2
  • Herb gardens still alive: 0 (except for one determined rosemary plant)
  • Pounds lost in biggest loser competition: 10 (see here)
  • Pounds gained back at end of competition: none of your business
  • Episodes of LOST watched: 72
  • Writing classes taken: 1
  • Book club meetings hosted: 10
  • Countries visited: 3 (Egypt, Jordan and Israel; see here and here)
  • States visited: 4 (See here, here, and here for Colorado; here for Idaho/Utah; and here, here and here for North Carolina)
  • Trips to Utah to see family: 3
  • Vacation days left at end of year: 0
  • Pounds of Hunter's seriously sharp cheddar cheese consumed: ~10
  • Awesome kids I teach music to at church each week: ~40
  • Presidential elections survived in DC: 1 (Third one! Can you believe I've lived here more than 8 years?!)
  • Times pressed snooze: 365 x ~5 = ~1,825
  • Minutes spent commuting: ~21,600 (45-60 each way every day - see here and here)
  • Books started: ~50
  • Books finished: 15?
  • Major reports released at work: 4
  • New blogs started: 2 (see here and here)


matt b said...

Times bounded out from behind an obstruction with uplifted hands and sharp "rawr" sound to startle a complete stranger: 1.

Amy said...

Fun blog! Thanks for the e-mail. Hope you have a wonderful 2009!

Gilly said...

Allison - I love your blog - thanks for sending this message! I laughed then got nostalgic because I remember your love of the snooze button! Happy New Year!

Em said...

Number of times I wished I could have pressed some magic button to make Ethan sleep for 9 more minutes instead of having him come bounding in and say, "I'm hungry for FOOOOOOOOD!" --countless

The none of my business one was my favorite. :)

Allison said...

How could I have forgotten that one? Consider it added to the list: Times accidentally jumped out and scared a complete stranger: 1. That was awesome.