Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Peep Wars

For the record, I had a very grown-up, nice Easter/birthday dinner party: cloth napkins, crab cocktails, coordinated place-settings with assigned seating -- not to mention an amazing spread of all the ham and funeral potatoes and orange rolls you could eat. We even participated in a Romanian Easter tradition and I read one of my favorite poems after dinner.

Unfortunately, none of this was captured on film. What was captured was this slightly less mature, somewhat degenerate, but, well, hilarious after-dinner activity:

Yes, those are pink chicks and blue bunnies flying through the air. As Jenn said afterwards, "I stopped for a moment to consider the cumulative educational level of everyone in the room, and had a good belly laugh." A memorable birthday for SO many reasons.

p.s. I can't resist adding that I also received a very grown-up birthday gift that I LOVE. After fourteen years of living on my own and chopping all my vegetables with a dull knife and a cutting board, I am now the proud owner of a brand new KitchenAid food processor! It's so dreamy. Peep salad, anyone?


wanders said...

So far, this promises to be the funniest blog ever. - Wes

Julie Bradshaw said...

Aw man! I just stepped in a pile of Peep Sh...ugar!

Such a great birthday, Allie. I loved it and I love you.

Em said...

Love it, love it. Thanks for the link to cute kids. :) Oh, and the elevator story is priceless. We need to put a hall of fame on teh welcome to my world blog with links to like the top 5 stories or something. Anyway, welcome to the blogging world.